thinkSea Small Bubble Blue-Black Case

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Minimal pouch with a transparent front side made of reused windsurfing sail. It features a zipper closure and an attached key ring. The transparent side works as a screen protector and the device inside is completely functional. Ideal for use at the beach. This case is compatible with: iPhone 8 and devices of similar size.

Dimensions: 13cm x 18,5cm
Weight: 35gr

ThinkSea designs and creates unique bags and accessories from retired windsurf sails. Our products are each individually made by hand in a wide range of colours, cut to size, making each piece one of a kind. Windsurf sails are made from materials which cannot be recycled. These materials are the inspiration behind our collection of products. The collection includes tote bags, travel bags, beach bags, smartphone and tablet cases, document and laptop cases in any size, key rings, toiletry bags, wallets... Our products are made in Paros island from repurposed windsurf sails that have sailed the waters of the Aegean Sea and beyond. Any item of this kind can be tailor-made to your specifications, or even from your own retired sails.