Poncho Towel Microfiber Light Mini Chicken

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Type Poncho towels
SKU: 00517-N

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This poncho towel will soak up every last drop of water!

Made from microfiber, the absolutely latest “technology” in towel fabrics, it is up to 5 times lighter from conventional fabrics, has less volume and dries up to 5 times faster.

The hood features a chickens beak. Children can use the towel without adult assistance, thanks to the built-in “mittens” for easy grasping.

All fabrics in the Little Champions series are OEKO-TEX certified and anti-bacterial.

Machine washable at 30 degrees; do not iron; do not tumble dry.

Available in one size: Mini (ages 1-3).

Come's with a recycled gift box.

Made in Spain