About Us

Kukuxumusu… a teen crush that lives on…!
My affair with Kukuxumusu goes baack to my teens… it was love at first sight, ever since our first meeting in Madrid in the late nineties. To this day, the brand takes up most of my wardrobe. I started out as a size Small but ended up a Large!

Dream come true
Being involved in the business of clothing, wholesale and retail, it had been a dream of mine to work with Kukuxumuxu and represent the brand in Greece. After several efforts to approach them, the turning point was in early 2012, whereupon, after a series of fruitful meetings, we started importing Kukuxumusu products in Greece; at first, on a retail basis, but soon, as an exclusive representative and distributor.

Kukuxumusu in Greek
As true fans of the brand, we tried (and succeeded!) in creating the first ever Greek print on a Kuku shirt.
Following marathon brainstorming sessions with friends and with the help of various culinary stimuli (i.e. eating and drinking), we came up with a design that refers to Greece, without being “touristic” in a bad sense. A design that puts a smile on our face and reminds us of uniquely Greek moments…

A “Kukuxumouzo” Greek lover and his girl sipping ouzo and nibbling on a meze platter in a coffee shop, under the sun. And so what if our lover boy is an octopus and his girl a cuttlefist?